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I always assumed that this fetish developed in most people before they even had sexual thoughts about the opposite sex. I convinced my babysitter to tie me up when I was about 8 or 9.I've heard similar stories on this board of people becoming interested in S&M type stuff pre-puberty.Now you argue that we should not feel empathy for him because we do not share the same kinks as he had, as if only our own kinks are worthy of empathy. I just posted a book long post talking about how I'm into Rape, Torture, and Snuff fantasy, and your take away from that is that I'm saying I haven no empathy for him because our tastes differ?I suggest you read (or re-read) "First They Came," by Martin Niemoller. Rather than suggesting reading material for us, you should first work on your own reading comprehension, then take another crack at the posts you completely missed the point of below.When I hit puberty those kind of thoughts just became incorporated into my sexuality.Sorry, guys, but you don't get to post half a dozen more comments extolling the supposed legitimacy for your lack of empathy for the cop and then suggest that you're all sick and tired of the topic so no one else should post any more on it. Your justifications for your lack of empathy get more inexplicable as you go on.

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It just so happens that she looked a lot like the actress in the movie.

I don't know the personal proclivities of most of the people who read this board, but I'm online friends with a number of them, and I know at least some of them are happily married or at least in relationships.

I've never been married but I lived with a girl for a couple years who was aware of my bondage fetish.

In fact, the reason we get together was that she was into the same stuff, although not nearly to the same degree.

I don't think your characterization of us is entirely accurate; there may be aspects of it that could have a glimmer of truth, however.

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