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He is alleged to have ripped off her clothes to have sex with her.

The book claims she told her friends: "He raped me." He said Ms Trump was talking about how "she felt raped emotionally...

Stephen, describes the first institution of the office of deacon.

The Apostles, in order to meet the complaints of the Hellenistic Jews that, "their widows were neglected in the daily ministrations" ( diakonia ), called together the multitude of the disciples and said: It is notreason that we should leave the word of God and serve ( diakonein ) tables.

The name deacon ( diakonos ) means only minister or servant, and is employed in this sense both in the Septuagint (though only in the book of Esther , e.g. According to the constant tradition of the Catholic Church, the narrative of Acts 6:1-6, which serves to introduce the account of the martyrdom of St.

But in Apostolic times the word began to acquire a more definite and technical meaning. For they that have ministered well shall purchase to themselves a good degree, and much confidence in the faith which is in Christ Jesus." This passage is worthy of note, not only because it describes the qualities desirable in candidates for the diaconate, but also because it suggests that external administration and the handling of money were likely to form part of their functions.

For these it is contended that some steward ( oeconomus ) must have been appointed to administer their temporal affairs.

Const., II, xxvii) and on the other hand they were to distribute the oblations ( eulogias ) which remained over after the Liturgy had been celebrated among the different orders of the clergy according to certain fixed proportions. They sought out the sick and the poor, reporting to the bishop upon their needs and following his direction in all things (Apost. They were also to invite aged women and probably others as well, to the agapae.

It was no doubt that from such functions as these that St. Then with regard to the bishop they were to relieve him of his more laborious and less important functions and in this way they came to exercise a certain measure of jurisdiction in the simpler cases which were submitted to his decision.

During their divorce in 1991, Donald Trump's ex-wife Ivana accused him of "raping" her three years previously.

But she has since clarified it was not in "a literal or criminal sense".

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