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Thus, people may overestimate their ability to learn something about others from their avatars. When there are several other family members in the picture, a spouse, a bridal party or a palm tree we can quickly get an idea what image the person is passive aggressively trying to convey.I can't help but feel this study was relatively worthless.However, a virtual world like Second Life has virtually unlimited options for customization of an Avatar.The platform dictates how the avatar will be portrayed to the user.These participants filled out a personality inventory that measures the Big Five personality traits after creating their avatar.(The Big Five traits are Openness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Neuroticism.) A second group of about 2,000 participants were shown a subset of the avatars and rated their perception of the personality characteristics of the individuals who created those avatars.However, the deeper underlying desire and intention of use of the platform to the user will ultimately dictate (in real world setting) what becomes of a users avatar.

People higher in neuroticism tended to have avatars with long hair.

For example, people high in agreeableness tended to select avatars with open eyes more often than those low in agreeableness.

One reason why raters were good at assessing an individual’s agreeableness from their avatar was that they generally rated people as higher in agreeableness (and extraversion) if the avatar had open eyes.

Overall, when people create an avatar, it is hard to get to know much about them.

You can get a little information about extraversion and agreeableness, but the correlations are not large.

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