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is caused by rising of vapours from the stomach to the brain…

The therapy includes bloodletting from the superficial vein of the arm and from the leg vein and thinning the diet, especially in patients with red eyes and face”.

Both measure the number of years since the approximate birthday of Yeshua of Nazareth (a.k.a. Designation of a particular year in BC and BCE also have identical values.

For example, Yeshua is believed to have been born circa 4 to 7 BCE, (a.k.a. Many people assume that Yeshua/Jesus was born a few days before the end of December, during 1 BCE.

Greek doctors were also aware of sleep paralysis, with Galen discussing the condition in the second century CE.

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Of course, one has the option of interpreting the letter "C" in CE and BCE as referring to "Christian" or "Christ's," in place of "common." "CE" then becomes "Christian Era." "BCE" becomes "Before the Christian Era." The Abbreviations Dictionary does exactly this.There is evidence that Persian doctors also knew of sleep paralysis.A 10th century Persian medical text by renowned physician Rhazes (865-925 CE) describes the following condition:“The nightmare…Despite the fact that the medical professions have long known about sleep paralysis and known it to be a natural phenomenon, throughout history sleep paralysis has often been interpreted as supernatural connotations, and this interpretation has sometimes had deadly consequences.The ‘mare’ of the word ‘nightmare’ is derived from the Norse word ‘mara’.

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