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Eichhorn instead divided Genesis and part of Exodus into the work of two anonymous compilers on the criteria of whether God was addressed as Elohim or Jehovah (Yahweh).

This criteria was modified by other German scholars including Hermann Hupfeld around 1853.

These books are written by many people at different times, and no one knows the time or the identity of any author."While many parts of this site can stand alone, this section is uniquely dependent on the previous one. Authorship is of lesser importance because the chief appeal of Jesus' divinity by first century Christians, as by many today, was Jesus' fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy.

The previous question was a critical prerequisite to understanding that document dating, like archaeology, is an ongoing process of refinement. It is therefore far more important to place dates on those prophecies than to identify who spoke them (though many of those identities are confidently established).

The most recognizable of such equivocations is that of evolution.

was the starting-point for the history of Israel as a community of faith.There were now four principle sources to be borne in mind in all considerations relating to the compilation of the Pentateuch or Hexateuch: these consisted of a Jehovistic (J) document, and Elohistic (E) compilation, a Priestly (P) source ..., and the book of Deuteronomy (D).This construction was further modified in 1865 by K. Graf, and later Julius Wellhausen, with an assignment of very late dates to the documents.With that understanding, we can proceed to examine what just might be the best set of dates to come out of twentieth-century study for the books of the Bible. So by establishing the dates of the Old Testament works, we can then know that the prophecies of Christ's appearance were written long before the fact, not afterwards.One method of establishing dates for scriptural writings which was popular several hundred years ago entailed counting the generations of descendants mentioned in the Bible and then calculating backwards.

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