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It was about feeling flawed and believing that if I were “good enough,” a quality man would not only desire me but want to commit to me for […] Hey Friend, So, summer is nearly over.

As I begin to wonder where the heck it went, and contemplate the upcoming fall season and ending of yet another year (oye vey…

Even though Vin Di Carlo evolved from a PUA background, I thought he may have seen the light and learned how things really worked.

His eight different personality types and his website that trains you on each had a ring of workability about it that seemed to surpass Dating To Relating in simplicity of approach if nothing else.

But after studying and applying Vin Di Carlo’s Pandora Box system for about two months now, I am not sure that I can even recommend it in overall value over my existing #2 recommendation, David Deangelo and Double Your Dating.

Though I feel that Vin Dicarlo’s approach is definitely superior to David Deangelo’s approach, I feel that the combined study of Dating To Relating and Double Your Dating is still superior to the combined study of Dating To Relating and Pandora’s box.

) I don’t want the zombie/slave thing…Been there, done that. Dating To Relating doesn’t have a hidden agenda to manipulate and control women, although it can be used for that if that is your wishes.

3) The other problem I had with Vin Dicarlo’s Pandoras Box is that although there is an appeal of a website that tells you everything to do with the personality type, his “typing” software didn’t work well.

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I am looking for a woman who is my equal, my companion and friend, my soul mate if you will,(and who just happens to be really hot! So a PUA and a man like me can both get what we want out of Dating To Relating, because Dating To Relating’s focus is on understanding women and attracting and communicating to them effectively.

I entered in several girls and answered all the questions correctly, yet it came back with a type that wasn’t the right one.

I had to go to the manual and read his materials to figure out the right type. Vin Dicarlo’s system is way more expensive then Dating To Relating.

Since it’s easy to get stuck in a sad singles rut, here are eight Dating with Dignity tips to lead a more fulfilling single life.

A first I had high hopes that perhaps Vin Di Carlo and his new Pandora’s Box personality system would dethrone Mr. Rx and his Dating To Relating system as the #1 system for approaching and meeting women.

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