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She thinks it’s important that others realise how beneficial it has been for her, not just financially speaking. I get so many customers telling me how I am beautiful. I’ve never done something on cam I haven’t wanted to do because I just say no. ‘My body is something I’ve always been worried about. You know that saying, don’t bring your problems to work, bring your solutions? Kitty explained: ‘I’ve been creating my own pornographic content on my official website for a while.‘Some of them tell me things like “If I was yours I’d treat you like a princess”. I plan to do this alongside camming for the long term. ‘I’m taking porn a little slower than camming and modelling as I want to work for companies who I feel are right for me as a person.‘Like everything, there’s bad people and good people.When there’s someone bad in the porn industry it’s in the limelight so it gets shown and spoken about more. ‘A few days ago I went to the porn awards and everyone was absolutely lovely.But once she realised camming depends on what a model is comfortable with doing on the internet and setting their own prices, she was all for it – and first started out by offering burlesque shows on camera.Kitty is pretty adventurous with her shows and often dresses up, strips down, and uses sex toys on camera.

While many assume this involves the performer stripping naked or masturbating, that isn’t always the case.She also offers one-to-one, private shows to those willing to pay more.In an interview with uk, Kitty, whose real name cannot be shared, said: ‘An average night goes like this: I’ll post about going on cam and if I don’t get private Skype sessions I will log into the cam site onto preview where I sit and chat to the customers and tell them what I do.‘Going into the porn industry felt like a very natural decision for me after modelling for years, being a cam girl for years, and being a very sexual person.Being involved in all of this it felt like something I wanted to try.

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