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In Northamptonshire, those tested for chlamydia have their names put into a monthly draw for one of a number of Nintendo Wii games consoles (at a cost of £160 each).

'I woke up one morning at home and had no idea whether I'd had sex with the man I'd met for drinks the night before,' she says. 'It was a humiliating experience and I removed myself from the dating website the same day,' she said. Despite the huge relief that the HIV test was negative, I was horrified to be told I had chlamydia. Thankfully, the doctor gave me antibiotics and assured me that my fertility shouldn't be affected because I'd caught the infection within the past year.

At the time, Annabel knew she did not have any STIs, having had only one previous partner and tested clear of infections - including chlamydia - after starting college.

'Initially, Jon and I used condoms, but a few months into the relationship I went on the Pill,' she says.

For although she initially insisted her partners used condoms, there were times when she didn't take even the most basic precautions. A bacterial infection, it is the most prevalent sexually transmitted infection (STI) in Britain and is spreading at an explosive rate.

'Looking back, it was really stupid that I was more concerned about pregnancy than protecting my health. If there wasn't a condom available, I'd just think: "Oh, well, I'm on the Pill. Persuaded by a girlfriend to face up to the risks she was taking, Charlotte plucked up the courage to visit her local genito-urinary clinic. The so-called Skins generation (named after the cult teenage Channel 4 programme) are most at risk.

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