Lg tv guide not updating

I've just bought a LG TV with built-in satellite tuner.

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Thanks Yes, both Saorview and Freesat are available on the model I bought. There's only one satellite connector, so you wouldn't be able to watch one while recording another like Sky I don't think that tv is an actual Freesat model.

Freesat is only an epg & interactive features, available on licensed equipment. channels moving around, don't know what could be causing that, unless you haven't actually saved your list & left the edit menu or something.

BBC2 is now at channel 1 and BBC1 is at either channel 2 or channel 25 or somewhere else. It's not a big issue because I have Sky, but I'm concerned that I might have bought a duff TV.

The other thing I noticed was that some programs looked different to the way they did on my old CRT.

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