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"I practically live in the studio, aside from spending time with Hailie.I always feel that I can improve something until I just get sick of it." Eminem handled most of the production himself, with three tracks coming from his mentor, Dr. On his own, Em samples Aerosmith's "Dream On" in "Sing for the Moment," sings to his daughter in "Hailie's Song" and attacks American moral hypocrisy throughout."I'm not going to tell you how crazy these 'Monster' shows are going to be," Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, tweeted last month."I'd never do that." (Maybe Eminem's Lollapalooza set last week offers a clue, as Rihanna joined him to do "Love the Way You Lie," "Monster" and "Stan," as she sang Dido's parts.) To commemorate "The Monster Tour," which stops at Met Life Stadium next Saturday and Sunday, we look at Eminem and Rihanna's 10 most shocking moments -- other than, you know, agreeing to tour together.In 2001, Moby answered a fan question about Eminem, saying, "From my perspective, misogyny and homophobia are always wrong. It sounded like a good idea -- playing seven countries in seven days on a Delta 777 to promote her "Unapologetic" album.However, the trip was filled with delays and logistical mistakes that were dutifully reported by all the journalists on the plane.Rihanna responded to Brown's hinting that they had another collaboration in the works for his upcoming album with a quote: " you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you.... On "Bagpipes From Baghdad," he talks about their breakup and how he was locked in her wine cellar. -- with the clever "Obsessed," but Em wouldn't let it go, threatening in "The Warning" to release photos and voice mail Mariah left him when they were "dating." She had built up quite a following over the years with her near-constant stream of revealing selfies. Would the music community be defending him if he was an anti-Semite or a racist instead of a homophobe and a misogynist?

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He'll have another career."Over the course of two days in Detroit, Eminem surveyed his ever-expanding Shady kingdom.

It was odd enough when Eminem and Rihanna first worked together on the No. Perhaps the oddness was what made the unusual pairing attractive to both superstars.

Rihanna told "Access Hollywood" when the single about domestic abuse was released that she was eager to be part of the project.

"I'm off that no-carb diet.") He is relaxed, a king in his castle, ready to greet the world after a year of battle.

this fall) and an asteroid field of cops, lawyers and judges.

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