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But it would cause his love [the young woman] to adore him.There was not another like her as far as he was concerned.(Song of Solomon Commentary) Longman on rose - The traditional translation, as found in the KJV, is “rose.” However, this is surely incorrect since the rose was not introduced into the region until well after the OT period.Sharon - This name is attached to the strip of fairly level land which runs between the mountains and the shore of the Mediterranean, stretching from Nahr Rubın in the South to Mt. There are considerable rolling hills; but, compared with the mountains to the East, it is quite properly described as a plain.The soil is a deep rich loam, which is favorable to the growth of cereals.The orange, the vine and the olive grow to great perfection.Appropriately, the rustic maiden who grew up in the simplicity of rural life compares herself to a simple, common flower of the field " Rose of Sharon - This phrase is frequently interpreted as a description of Christ by commentators and hymn writers (eg, hymns like Jesus, Rose of Sharon, but in context which is always "king" in interpretation the Rose is correctly interpreted as the Shulammite who is speaking.

Perhaps Solomon’s praise (Song 1:9–10) had made her feel more secure.When the many-colored flowers are in bloom it is a scene of rare beauty.(Sharon - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) NET Note on Sharon - It is well watered due to the Kurkar ridges running parallel to the shore which trapped the water run-off from the Samaritan hills.POSB - the Shulamite’s statement betrayed her insecurity and sense of unworthiness in comparison to the king.Her beloved king was “a cluster of camphire [henna blossoms] in the vineyards of Engedi” (Song ).

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