Nathan mathers dating alaina

Six years after the incident, their first daughter was born who is considered to be Eminem’s inspiration and reason for some of his hits.The couple married in 1999 which was followed by a nasty divorce two years after.She said she had money, she could pay her bills and give her children anything they want, but having money did not mean happiness to her.

Hailie is Alaina’s sister in relation as Eminem and Kim adopted Alaina.So logically, Eminem’s daughter are her cousins and Kimberly Anne Scott, who happens to be Eminem’s ex-wife, her daughters should have been Alaina Marie Mathers’ cousins.However it was Eminem and his wife then, Kimberly who adopted Alaina, which makes Eminem’s daughters with Kim her siblings and Dawn’s remaining childrens are her cousins.She admitted to have taken alcohol and pills while she met the accident.It is believed that Kim when she was running away at the age of 13 along with her sister Dawn found Eminem, 15 years old then and moved to Eminem’s place then.

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