Nlp and online dating

It is up to you to continue to develop your understanding and remember knowledge is power; knowledge is also control.

So never stop learning and never stop pushing your comfort zone – the sky is the limit.

Talk about the nice places you’ve been or the weather; elicit emotions.

Draw a picture with your words or describe how you felt and what you enjoyed – doing so will activate the mammalian brain.

o I’ve been in the seduction community for pretty much all of my adult life.

I’ve been going out and seducing beautiful women for around 13 or 14 years now and I’ve been able to analyze a lot of interesting data.

This part is responsible for human emotion as well as pleasure.

So in other words you are like a puppeteer pulling the strings of his puppets. This brain is considered the most primitive and is in charge of regulating the emotions necessary for survival.

Conversation: Certain topics will obviously activate different parts of the brain.

Example 1 – A debate: If you are bringing up something like why a woman should date you or giving her logical reasons why you are qualified, then you are most likely going to trigger the rational brain.

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