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The i Phone X unit here is seemingly destined for retail stores because instead of just going to sleep, the display switches to a pre-loaded demo mode.The voiceover in the video is in Spanish, but even if you can’t understand that, the video is still definitely worth a watch ahead of the i Phone X’s full release later this week.

Defaults to the width of the thumbnail provided by the hosting service.

Use the list below to find the service name and how to locate your video's unique identifier. $trim_border Sets whether extra space is trimmed from the thumbnail.

Note For the video merge tag to work with Vzaar videos, the Public API Feeds setting in the API section of your Vzaar account settings needs to be set to either Public Videos Only or All Videos, so we can pull in your video through your Vzaar account's API.

In this article, you'll learn about each of these options and how to use them in your campaign.

Our Video content block pulls a thumbnail image from your You Tube or Vimeo video and overlays a play button icon. Specify the URL for tracking subscriber interaction.

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