This is hull and east riding dating

Philanthropic local dignitaries and businessmen, many of who were allied to the growing temperance movement, often provided fountains – in particular drinking fountains, as a means for the working man to quench his thirst without the need to pop in the ale-house.

In 1897, the Sculcoates Guardians erected a cottage homes development at Hessle. The first drinking fountain in London is thought to have been was erected in 1859 by Samuel Gurney, founder of the Metropolitan Free Drinking Fountain Association, at St. Surprisingly, drinking fountains were introduced in Hull slightly earlier than in London (see later).We already had some ornamental fountains here and there, usually in private gardens but some in public spaces such as the original Botanical Gardens off the south side of the Anlaby Road established in 1812, and the later Zoological Gardens on the north side of Spring Bank.Its width is 260 feet, and it extends 370 feet from the front to the back.In the centre of the immense building are the rooms appropriated to the governor, the matron, etc.

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