Tortoise svn error validating server certificate 1 on 1 ts sex chat

If cached, Subversion will automatically trust this certificate in future negotiations.

Many Open SSL installations also have a pre-defined set of “default” CAs that are nearly universally trusted.

Then you type your credentials and get to choose if you want to add your certificate permanently.

You say “yes”, but next time get the same silly question. The problem may be, that the subversion configuration directory, which is normally under your has WRONG permissions, so that each time you want to permanently add the credentials, svn actually cannot do so, and also doesn’t inform you that it can’t.

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As @runlevel6 said, you have to accept the certificate with the same user running the hook.But users may get "Error validating server certificate for 'https://...'" the next time when they try to connect to the same secure server even if they specified "p" the first time when they are prompted to accept the server certificate.Error validating server certificate for '': - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.This dialogue should look familiar; it's essentially the same question you've probably seen coming from your web browser (which is just another HTTP client like Subversion).If you choose the (p)ermanent option, the server certificate will be cached in your private run-time auth/ area in just the same way your username and password are cached (see the section called “Client Credentials Caching”).

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