Wecamchat online

Experts say that up to 80 percent of all communication is nonverbal, so adding video enhances your ability to stay truly connected.

Make specific dates to log in so you’re both prepared.

If you think “sexting” is dangerous, think about the lure of getting an intimate peek at each other’s assets during a webcam chat.

Be aware of the fact that your date can capture screen grabs of you at any time, possibly in compromising positions, and save them for posterity.

The days of chatting with your date while sitting on the couch, hair in curlers and an avocado mask slathered on your face (or in your boxers as you rifle through the fridge for dinner) are over once you’ve got a webcam.

Things you don’t have to consider while you’re talking on the phone — such as setting and image — count when you’re both visible, so make sure you’re comfortable with lighting, location and how you look before signing on.

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