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Following her social media confirmation, naturally Stephanie's fans were quick to send love and support, as users penned: 'You're the best mummy caben can ask for. 'Hope your ok keep smiling look that beautiful little boy of yours and he will give you all the strength and more that u will need your doing amazing and don't let any one else tell u different' (sic).Stephanie now wants to use her public battle 'for good' by fronting a new show about domestic abuse, and is also working alongside charities to stop her ordeal happening to others.Revealing her desire to start afresh after her difficult year, a source told Mail Online: 'If it could happen to her, to anyone.This is a new start for Stephanie and a chance for her to move on once and for all.

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The 24-year-old actress' devastating news comes just hours after footage surfaced showing the star drinking and acting erratically, in images shot just three days after she discovered her heartbreaking loss. I lost my baby due to the stress Jeremy put me under, history repeating its self after carrying caben alone for 9 months while he goes out with women and partying and posting pictures on purpose when I was in hospital and nearly lost caben on several occasions.'How evil someone can be to the mother of their child with revenge porn etc the list goes on, hitting me and setting up paps to take pictures of him on date whilst I'm carrying his child.... He doesn't care about his child, he was simply a trophy child to him. He destroyed my life and took away my happiness, and if anything comes from me being in the public eye and some saddo selling videos of me for a bit of cash when someone's at there lowest says more about them than me.

The prosecution said the assault took place as Stephanie held Caben in her arms, a claim that was denied by Jeremy.'Too loose a child is something I hope no one EVER goes through. 'I hope to help women of domestic violence, to stop what happened to me to other women.

I would like to Grieve for my child, find strength and move on. I will NEVER again be treated the way I was, Thankyou to domestic violence for helping me and building me back up.

Mr Mc Connell may prefer to think he acted in self-defence.

I believe his judgement was totally clouded by drugs and alcohol.' The footage appearing on Mirror shortly before her announcement, sees the star intoxicated and emotional, an understandable state after sources reveal to Mail Online the images were taken just three days after her miscarriage.

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