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" and "I will only come on this basis." That may sound arrogant; but it's self-confidence to believe in what you stand for.I think that's really rare and I don't see it that often.People seem to be frightened of meeting Tim, because of his reputation - in rap music his reputation is one of god-like genius. Real charm is absolutely the first thing that springs to mind when I think of him.You can see him exercising it in a very impressive way.Then I heard his show and thought it was just an unique experience, and Pete introduced us. The first thing you're always conscious of with Tim is the puffa jacket.The jacket comes through the door first, then the boots and then the trousers, which are 20 sizes too big with the crotch hanging down.Recently, he also presented a series of his own TV program on the channel UKTV but has ceased broadcasting.His name was often taken in British rap records in the late 1980s as he was the only well-known and popular DJ who played hip-hop on legal radio in Britain.

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He also presented the UK version of the MTV show called “Pimp My Ride”.Tim was raised up in East Anglia where he attended Norwich School and again, attended a local comprehensive later.Westwood has DJed in many songs and radio stations, which include newly formed radio stations like ‘Kiss FM’. He also worked in stations like Capital FM from the year 1987.He started his first rap show in 1982 on a pirate radio station, left to co-found Kiss FM, and then joined R1 in 1994.He lives with his girlfriend in London MATTHEW BANNISTER: I was introduced to Tim by the DJ Pete Tong; we'd been talking for a long time about Tim joining Radio 1.

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