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The staff is more mature – “You couldn’t get Cheetah’s girls here,” says Sam – and hired and paid for their conversational skills.Additional compensation comes from “the men giving them money for their companionship,” said Rob. The DJ-spun music leans to rock ‘n’ roll and is designed for older ears.You’ll still get that traditional bare-bones fare at Alley Katz – there’s the perquisite dance pole in the centre – but the stage is tiny, and Sam said the emphasis is on entertainers being encouraged to mingle and chat with the guests.To ensure a more mature clientele, there’s a big sign at the entrance advising that no one under age 23 gets in – “It’s probably discrimination, but we don’t care,” says Rob – and the entrance fee is higher — vs. The alcohol is premium brand and the drink prices among the steepest downtown.“This isn’t a place for students,” said Sam, adding that Alley Katz clients “don’t want to party with people their kids’ age. talking to the girls, it’s something (clients) find enjoyable,” he added.Sam said the experience is akin to being in the comfortable confines of a friend’s home — albeit a home filled with nearly nude young women who break out in big smiles upon eye contact with complete strangers.

“We want to make the least amount of people upset as possible,” added Sam.

Told of how the Katzmans said they took his Chatham Street appearance last year as a cue to move the entrance of their new strip club into the back alley, Francis was grateful, saying that millions of public dollars have been invested in the goal of “changing the image and repositioning the downtown.”Strip clubs, added the mayor, are “not in tune with our vision.”Francis said the city was seriously contemplating buying the Million Dollar Saloon when it (and its adult entertainment licence) was put up for sale at a time when the municipality was in discussions with the University of Windsor over re-purposing adjacent properties for future post-secondary education use.

University president Alan Wildeman, he said, didn’t think highly of opening up new classes next door to a strip club.“If they’re playing a role, saying they want to be more discreet, that helps, rather than being in-your-face,” he said of the Katzmans’ back-alley decision.“Can they turn the Cheetah’s front door around too?

Directly across Chatham Street from the Million Dollar, which had long boasted in large exterior signage of its stable of “beautiful girls and one ugly one,” the Katzmans were getting ready to start a new strip club using the adult entertainment licence inherited from the former Jason’s at that location.“We keyed in on what Eddie was saying.

We thought, he’s gonna be pissed off at what we were doing,” said Rob.

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